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Flying area info
Pilot: Sebastian Kummer   Date: 26/06/2015
Takeoff Info
Hochries - DE [~1.2]
XC Info
Linear distance
88.9 km (8.1 km/h)
Max Distance
101.6 km (9.2 km/h)
XC Distance
130.1 km (11.8 km/h)
XC score
195.17 Airspace Violation: 5683,841,6251,1950,5681,6245,5682
HorDist: 14222m, VertDist:233m, Airspace: OVV:119.275 [CLASSC] 2743-7467m
HorDist: 1951m, VertDist:433m, Airspace: SX00ROS-80_ROSSH [WAVE] 0-2437m
HorDist: 2323m, VertDist:1315m, Airspace: SX00I2-110 [WAVE] 0-3352m
HorDist: 2769m, VertDist:1772m, Airspace: D110INNS-125 [CLASSC] 0-3809m
HorDist: 2769m, VertDist:1315m, Airspace: OVV:120.1 [CLASSD] 0-3352m
HorDist: 2323m, VertDist:1315m, Airspace: SX-SRA4-OVV:119.275 [WAVE] 0-3352m
HorDist: 9624m, VertDist:326m, Airspace: OVV:119.275 [CLASSC] 2133-7467m
XC score type
Free Flight
[ Paraglider ]
Ozone Alpina 2 ML Alpina 2 ML
Flight Info
Max vario
4.8 m/sec
Min vario
-3.8 m/sec
Max alt (ASL)
3089 m
Min alt (ASL)
504 m
Takeoff alt (ASL)
718 m
Altitude gain
2371 m
Max speed
56.0 km/h
Mean speed
18.7 km/h
Flight file
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Flying area info