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# CountryTakeoffNumber of flights Site Record
(open distance)
1Germany2151.3 km
2Germany20147.6 km
3Germany194.9 km
4Austria182.2 km
5Germany568.0 km
6Austria164.8 km
7Austria157.2 km
8Germany450.0 km
9Kenya1441.8 km
10Austria334.3 km
11Germany426.8 km
12Germany124.0 km
13Italy123.3 km
14Germany222.9 km
15Germany422.7 km
16Germany318.1 km
17Austria117.0 km
18Italy116.1 km
19Germany113.8 km
20Germany413.8 km
21Germany312.9 km
22Germany112.7 km
23Germany29.0 km
24Austria18.8 km
25Germany38.1 km
26Germany17.2 km
27Austria16.5 km
28Austria15.8 km
29Austria25.7 km
30Germany15.4 km
31Germany25.3 km
32Germany15.3 km
33Germany15.2 km
34Germany15.0 km
35Germany24.9 km
36Germany34.2 km
37Germany14.0 km
38Austria13.9 km
39Germany13.5 km
40Germany13.4 km
41Austria13.2 km
42Germany12.9 km
43Switzerland12.8 km
44Germany32.8 km
45Germany12.7 km
46Germany12.6 km
47Austria12.2 km
48Germany11.0 km
49Germany10.9 km