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Hikeandfly-xc.com is a portal for all who want to share their hike and fly adventures.
The system builds on the proven Leonardo software. An extension allows to show in hikeandfly-xc.com portal not only flown part of your adventure, but also the hiking part. Like this your way to the launch site, if it is hiked with the complete equipment, is already part of your track logs. Also stopovers or maybe even necessary intermediate climbs on foot are still part of your adventure that you can upload with description and pictures.
Your adventure is evaluated according to the known rules from other XC servers with the difference that no distinction is made between hiked or flown route. You can upload as many flights as you want. For the placement at the end of the season, the 6 point best flights are cumulated for every pilot. Only flights where the takeoff was reached documented by foot,will be valued. It may be flown from sunrise to sunset, you are allowed to hike from midnight to midnight , this means your time window is open for a maximum of 24 hours. No distinction is made in glider classes. The same sporting rules are the same as central Hike and Fly competitions: Each participant carries his complete flight equipment himself and it can be used no mobility aid, so no bicycles, inline skates, Leiterwagerl etc. Compliance with these rules is only partially controllable. We rely on your sportsmanship ! To comply with the legal limits is of your own responsible . The operator of the portal reserves the right to adjust the rules according to the season or even in the current season , if open up new insights or ideas in the course of operation .
The recording is done as usual with your Vario or GPS , and is uploaded as a IGC file . The key , however, is to record the hiking parts that you have your vario or GPS switch on and your unit starts with the recording also without speed . Some devices begin recording only when they detect the start by an increased Ground Speed ​​. This speed limit can be set on most devices to zero. Please check out the manual of your Vario or ask the producer.
We wish all participants the www.hikeandfly-xc.com an exciting and successful adventure!